Do you have an Alzheimer’s Unit?

People with Alzheimer’s have special needs that can be best met in a unit designed specifically for them. The Elms does not have a dedicated Alzheimer’s unit.

Is the staffing different on the weekends?

Although most of the Administrative staff works Monday through Friday, the direct patient care staff ratios do not change. However, we always have at least one Department Head in the building for several hours each day of the weekend to ensure that the facility operates as smoothly on the weekends as it does during the week.

What is the staff to patient ratio at The Elms?

Here at The Elms our goal to to always exceed the minimum staffing requirements set by the Department of Health and Senior Services. While the staffing ratios are different for each shift and each floor of the facility, we are always staffed well above the required staffing, in order to ensure that we can respond to your needs quickly and efficiently.