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To the Administrative Staff, Nurses, Aids and Support Staff at The Elms of Cranbury…

We wish to express our sincere THANK YOU for the wonderful care you provided our Mom, Julia Peterla, during these past almost eight years. When we think about the average stay in a nursing home being two years, we begin to understand the impact a wonderful facility such as the Elms has had on our Mom.

During the few times, over the years, when Mom became ill, the medical staff diagnosed her problems and provided the necessary assistance to speed her recovery. During those periods, the nursing and administrative staff kept us informed of her progress. We could not ask for more.

We must remember the activities personnel, who always made things interesting for Mom, by providing some neat stuff to occupy her mind when she was able.

By no means can we forget the Aids and Support Staff who daily fed Mom, maintained her hygiene, changed her bedding and clothing, and altered her position regularly to keep her comfortable and free from irritations. This was not just a clinical walk through routine, but one that gave us the feeling that Mom was receiving loving care. Meals were an especially trying time. The food was great, but found it very frustrating to the point where we couldn’t continue. Thank God for the wonderful people who had just the right touch.

We recommend The Elms to anyone wanting to receive the best of care for their loved ones.