Dear Mrs. Dietrick:

Two words say is all, thank you. However, I would remiss if I did not elaborate and share my thoughts with you.

I will not mention names for fear I would forget someone. That said, I would like you to know your staff from housekeeping to nurses and therapy performed their tasks with dispatch and one thing in mind…the patient.

I have been to the Elms several times visiting friends who always told me the service your staff performs. Now I am one who has benefited by that service. Perhaps just calling it a service does the Elms a disservice.

The aide staff were there checking on me frequently. If I needed assistance they walked me to the dining room or sitting room. They even took a few minutes to talk to me. Needless to say the nursing staff were likewise there if needed for more than my medication. The food service group was there if I had a question or changed an order.

One person I call your attention to was Tess the Therapist who worked with me twice a day. She was understanding and compassionate always having my welfare in mind. Her professionalism was illustrated and practiced every day. In my opinion, I would not have progressed without her watchful eye. She is truly a medical professional and should be complimented.

Again, my thanks.

Dear Ms. Maguire:

Special thank you to the nursing staff especially Kelly, Nadia, Pooja, and so many other nurses, who took such special care of me during my stay at the Elms. I would like to mention the quality of care from all the aides, daytime as well as nights. They were caring and were able to give the exact amount of “TLC” during my care. I met many Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists all who were exceptional in giving me a plan of recovery. Special shout-out to Alex and Amid for their kindness and care. The treatment was outstanding during all of the 21 days of my stay. I was especially happy to eat in the dining room on any daily basis, with my roommate, Miss Jane. We met many short term residents that we had many a meal conversations with and enjoyed lunches and dinners. We enjoyed talking to Danny and of course, Miss Jackie. She was so organized and each meal went off like clockwork.

The Elms of Cranbury is an outstanding facility for rehab and convalescent care. I would recommend The Elms of Cranbury to anyone who needs quality care.

To Management:

I want to Thank You all for the level of service that is provided here at the Elms. I cannot think of a better place to Rehab. The culture here is one that is friendly and competent. The staff is just fabulous. I am so glad that I chose this place to do my Rehabilitation and Recovery. There are no complaints that I could even begin to think of. Obviously, you provide a perfect product.

Thank you.

To the Elm’s Rehab Staff:

How sad it is for me to leave the PT/OT Rehab unit. The care, dedication, devotion of the staff to meet and exceed my needs is absolutely phenomenal.

I cannot over emphasize my elation for the devotion of the staff’s attention in helping me come so very far in my progress towards an almost complete recovery. Only time will provide the complete recovery, but because of your sincere dedication and encouragement, I have faith that I will achieve my goal.

Once again, Thank You.

Dear Mrs. Dietrick:

My mother had a recent stay at the Elms and I wanted to express how pleasant everything was. She especially liked the food.

In addition, we would like to commend the following people that helped her during her stay. This team is AWESOME!!! Regina-the best! Always helpful and pleasant! Jody-very nice and extremely caring! Marta-always pleasant and considerate! Esther-very sweet and always assisting! Evica-warm, friendly, and helpful!

Thank you so much!