Dear Mrs. Dietrick:

Now that I am home and I hope that your whole staff has recovered from too much of me, I would like you to know what a marvelous experience I had at the Elms. I had never been in a facility such as yours, but, of course, I have read all the inspection reports on similar facilities in Monmouth County. I was at the Elms when you underwent the state inspection and I could have told them you were going to pass in advance.

I don’t know where to start in my praise of your incredible nurses: Jodi, Bonnie and others come to mind, plus of course, Stan the Man. In the kitchen, Jackie, Evelyn and Esther were always helpful, even when I was a pain in the neck. Of course, Meg is a saint. She enabled me to continue serving the people despite being very ill and institutionalized. I still cannot believe that I was re-elected in June, running my campaign from my room. On my last day, several people, including Dr. Nasra, told me I will never be forgotten at the Ems. I just hope that experience was a as positive for them as it was for me.

To the Staff at The Elms of Cranbury:

I would like to personally thank you for all the wonderful care my mother (Irene Lang) received during her recent extended rehab at The Elms. You were all wonderful and extremely caring. I would particularly like to extend my thanks to the pavilion second floor nurse Noreen. She has a very professional mannerism that was very much appreciated. She was also very helpful and kind during some very difficult times with my mother. The rehab my mother received with her new leg prosthesis by Liselle was also instrumental in her being able to gain the ability to walk again.

Thanks again for your caring staff.

June Special Events

June 2nd

Marsia’s Jewelry Shop: 1-3pm 1st FL Dayroom

June 3rd

Baking Club: Yogurt Parfaits

June 4th

Wi Station & Resident Activity Meeting

June 5th

Menu Committee Meeting & ESPN Zone with Annmarie

Celebrating Meditation & Yoga with Q

June 6th

Movie Matinee & Banana Splits Day: “South Pacific”

June 7th

Morning Café Social / Spiritual Visit from Shalem / Visual Imagery with Debbie

June 8th

About Shavuot Discussion*

June 9th

Father’s Day Crafts

June 10th

Morning Brew Café Social & Alan Jams Pina Coladas Live with Lisa Argenteri Live! / National African American Music Appreciation Month

   June 11th

Creative Arts: Stamped Clay Charms & St. David‘s Church Service

June 12th

Star of the Month: Mel Brooks Presentation* & Light Weight Training

June 13th

Horticulture with Tina / Tai Chi With Debbie / Flag Day Trivia

June 14th

A Father’s Day Concert with Ray Valentino & Fatherly Wit & Wisdom

June 16th

Sun Tea on the Patio

June 17th

Fresh Air: Spa Day

     June 18th

Creative Arts: Sponge Art

June 19th

Resident Hot Dog Fundraiser Sale

   June 20th

2:30-3:30 Fresh Air Baking Club: Making Chocolate Ice Cream & Summertime Stories

June 21st

Cornerstone Fellowship Service

June 22nd

Fresh Air: Superstitions & Traditions

June 24th

Fresh Air Drama Club / Men’s Club / Knitting Club

June 25th

Lunch Trip & Birthday Celebration with Marybeth Live!

June 26th
Resident Council Meeting / St. David’s Church Service

June 27th

Music 101: California Dreaming with the Beach Boys* / Jewish Services with Rabbi Laurie

June 28th  

Tuesday’s: Pet Visits w/ Putter. Pet Visits w/ Sophia or Scout twice a month. Pet Visits with Lucy once a month. Pet Visits with Oscar Every Other Saturday. Musical Visits Every Saturday. Jewish Services once a month with Rabbi Laurie. Episcopal Service twice a month. Catholic Service & Communion Every Sunday.