Long Term Care

The Elms provides 24 hour nursing services in a warm, home-like environment. The Elms’ Long Term Care unit has a special feeling about it that is rarely duplicated elsewhere. When you step off the elevator onto the second floor, you immediately get a sense that rather than being in a “facility”, you have entered into a “home”. Look to your right and you’ll see a lovely sunny sitting area, with comfortable chairs next to a big window looking out onto the tree lined streets of historic Cranbury. A bird feeder sits just outside the window where the residents can enjoy watching the birds.

As you walk down the hall, you’ll see the lounge bustling with activity for residents of all functional levels, from discussions of current events over coffee, to sensory programs for our more compromised residents. Whether you or your loved one prefers to participate in all the programs we have to offer, or perhaps are content with some music or books in your room, there is something for everyone to keep the days enriched and interesting.

Residents are provided assistance to the extent that they require with all of the activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing and eating. The relationship between caregiver and resident is a highly personal one, and we believe in providing continuity of care in order to cultivate that relationship. When you are greeted each day by the same person who knows what time you like to get up – what your favorite outfit is – whether or not you like to take a nap in the afternoon, for example, you feel much more comfortable and at home. Routine is very important to the elderly, and can make the difference between a stressful, anxiety-ridden day and a comforting, enjoyable one.

Family members can take comfort in the fact that there is follow through from one day to the next if they ask for something special to be done. In addition, the slightest changes in medical conditions can be picked up much quicker when a caregiver is familiar with what is “normal” for someone they care for regularly. We have seen special bonds develop as a result of these relationships, making each day much richer and more meaningful for the residents and the staff alike.

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