Dear Mrs. Dietrick:

Two words say is all, thank you. However, I would remiss if I did not elaborate and share my thoughts with you.

I will not mention names for fear I would forget someone. That said, I would like you to know your staff from housekeeping to nurses and therapy performed their tasks with dispatch and one thing in mind…the patient.

I have been to the Elms several times visiting friends who always told me the service your staff performs. Now I am one who has benefited by that service. Perhaps just calling it a service does the Elms a disservice.

The aide staff were there checking on me frequently. If I needed assistance they walked me to the dining room or sitting room. They even took a few minutes to talk to me. Needless to say the nursing staff were likewise there if needed for more than my medication. The food service group was there if I had a question or changed an order.

One person I call your attention to was Tess the Therapist who worked with me twice a day. She was understanding and compassionate always having my welfare in mind. Her professionalism was illustrated and practiced every day. In my opinion, I would not have progressed without her watchful eye. She is truly a medical professional and should be complimented.

Again, my thanks.

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