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June Special Events

June 2nd

Marsia’s Jewelry Shop: 1-3pm 1st FL Dayroom

June 3rd

Baking Club: Yogurt Parfaits

June 4th

Wi Station & Resident Activity Meeting

June 5th

Menu Committee Meeting & ESPN Zone with Annmarie

Celebrating Meditation & Yoga with Q

June 6th

Movie Matinee & Banana Splits Day: “South Pacific”

June 7th

Morning Café Social / Spiritual Visit from Shalem / Visual Imagery with Debbie

June 8th

About Shavuot Discussion*

June 9th

Father’s Day Crafts

June 10th

Morning Brew Café Social & Alan Jams Pina Coladas Live with Lisa Argenteri Live! / National African American Music Appreciation Month

   June 11th

Creative Arts: Stamped Clay Charms & St. David‘s Church Service

June 12th

Star of the Month: Mel Brooks Presentation* & Light Weight Training

June 13th

Horticulture with Tina / Tai Chi With Debbie / Flag Day Trivia

June 14th

A Father’s Day Concert with Ray Valentino & Fatherly Wit & Wisdom

June 16th

Sun Tea on the Patio

June 17th

Fresh Air: Spa Day

     June 18th

Creative Arts: Sponge Art

June 19th

Resident Hot Dog Fundraiser Sale

   June 20th

2:30-3:30 Fresh Air Baking Club: Making Chocolate Ice Cream & Summertime Stories

June 21st

Cornerstone Fellowship Service

June 22nd

Fresh Air: Superstitions & Traditions

June 24th

Fresh Air Drama Club / Men’s Club / Knitting Club

June 25th

Lunch Trip & Birthday Celebration with Marybeth Live!

June 26th
Resident Council Meeting / St. David’s Church Service

June 27th

Music 101: California Dreaming with the Beach Boys* / Jewish Services with Rabbi Laurie

June 28th  

Tuesday’s: Pet Visits w/ Putter. Pet Visits w/ Sophia or Scout twice a month. Pet Visits with Lucy once a month. Pet Visits with Oscar Every Other Saturday. Musical Visits Every Saturday. Jewish Services once a month with Rabbi Laurie. Episcopal Service twice a month. Catholic Service & Communion Every Sunday.